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Album Review: Kim Churchill – Silence/Win (2014 LP)

kim churchill

Kim Churchill has been quite a busy man since his last record release, Detail of Distance back in 2012, travelling the world, being hand picked by Billy Bragg to support him on his headlining tour last year in addition to being invited to some of the world’s greatest music festivals, including Glastonbury. At the young age of 23, Churchill is back with his fourth record Silence/Win and it’s clear he’s not planning to slow down any time soon.

Once again, Kim Churchill has put forward a rock and blues album that celebrates his rustic vocals, song-writing ability and intricate guitar skills. It’s an album that pulls you in, hugs you tight and then slowly releases you back into the world.

The opening track “Single Spark”, draws you in with its catchy guitar rifts and demanding drum beat, but its really fun chorus is what draws you in to the rest of the album. The album’s first single “Window Sky” is next and continues to draw you in with its intricate guitar and basic drum beat, and Kim’s impressive ability to reach the high notes is just stunning. The third track, “Fear the Fire” begins as a slower number, with Chinese influences and it’s at this point that the album begins to tighten its grip and begins to deliver wisdom in a parent fashion. The middle section of the album constitutes slower rockier bluesy numbers that have pretty melodies accompanied by Kim’s vocals, which have an impressive range.

One of Kim’s greatest gifts is his lyrical ability. Not only has he created beautiful lyrics that tell a story that has been inspired by personal experience, but his ability to paint a landscape with his words is outstanding with a particular highlight being the beginning of “Don’t Leave Your Life Too Long”, which takes you on a journey through the city nightscape, bringing conflicting visuals such as ‘On the screen on the side of a skyscraper stood a warchild’. It’s powerful imagery that invokes deep thought and reflection.

As the album begins to close, the songs begin to pick up in tempo once again and have a celebratory nature and the lyrics become more positive. It begins to feel that lessons have been learnt and you are ready to be launched back into the world with new insight, with messages such as, ‘Now I know is how to let it go, move on like as a river flows’. The album ends on the gorgeous “Some Days The Rain May Fall”, which invokes a sense of hope and new found joy.

Despite each song being unique and incorporating an impressive combination of different elements, the album marries well together. This album takes you on a personal journey which invokes thought and emotions through the combination of beautiful music compositions, vocals and lyrics. Kim Churchill has delivered another great rock blues album which is fun and easy on the ears and an album that doesn’t disappoint.

Review Score : 8.2 out of 10.


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