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Live Review: Chet Faker + Yumi Zouma+ Rat & Co – The Forum (01.07.14)


Chet Faker performed one of his last shows of his Australian tour tonight in front of a sold out hometown crowd in Melbourne. Having most of his tour under his belt, he delivered a well-thought out and emotional performance that celebrated the unique talent that he is as well as ensuring his fans walked out of The Forum feeling loved and appreciated.

Chet Faker first rose to fame with his YouTube cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” a few years back. Since then, his popularity has quickly risen both at home and abroad with the release of a long list of singles as well as his debut EP Thinking In Textures and the release of his long-awaited debut albumBuilt On Glass earlier this year. As he enters the tail end of his national tour, Chet Faker put on what felt like an extra special performance for his home crowd this evening who had to wait until the end of the tour due to having to reschedule this show due to illness.

Chet Faker’s set tonight demonstrated his versatility as an artist, as he played a range of songs that not only reflected his singer songwriter abilities, but also demonstrated his strong production skills. These two elements combined together bring a unique soulful flavour to produce beats and rhythms that fall outside being monotonous. He settled into his set by playing a couple of his slower numbers “Archangel” and “I’m Into You” centre stage on keyboard.

In what has become a regular segment of his shows, Chet Faker created a song on stage from scratch allowing him to, as he himself claimed ‘the ability to make mistakes and fuck up’, which is often missing in live performances by artists. Yet when given the chance, he still created something masterful, unique and beautiful with no imperfections.

One of the highlight’s of the evening was Chet Faker’s stripped back cover of Jeff Buckley’s “I Want Someone Badly”, delivering an emotionally charged performance demonstrating his vocal ability that sometimes is not always utilised in his songs. “To Me” was also a highlight as Chet Faker delivered it with spine-chilling conviction, with his voice echoing throughout the room while everybody stared and stood silent with adoration.

Chet Faker made sure his hometown fans knew how appreciative he was of their loyal support by passionately thanking them and finishing his affirmations by stating ‘…because of your support by buying my music I am so happy and fortunate to be allowed to make the music I want to make without being told what to do by the big labels’. He appropriately then launched into where his career started with an energised version of “No Diggity” which had the whole room singing along in unison.

Continuing his appreciation of the audience, Chet Faker announced before jumping into his encore that he had saved “Gold” for his hometown and declared it was the first time he was playing it live ever. He followed up with the slower bluesy number “Dead Body” which had the building shaking due to the overwhelming heavy bass that provided the undertone of his song. He finished the show with “Talk Is Cheap” and threw his beanie off into the crowd, as if to say ‘that’s all folks’ as he left the stage.

What Chet Faker doesn’t lack on stage is presence and confidence. He is confident in his musical ability and isn’t afraid to admit it. It may come across as cocky to those who aren’t too familiar with him, but he is a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of guy and therefore comes off as genuine and sometimes even charming. Tonight, he looked comfortable up on stage and in his element as he performed a delightful set that settled any questions as to why he is so loved by not only his home crowd but nationwide.


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