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Album Review: Eleanor Dunlop – Self-Titled (2014 EP)


Sydney singer-songwriter Eleanor Dunlop first appeared in the Australian music scene back in 2007. She began her career with her debut EP Prime before co-founding the band Cameras, which has occupied her for the last number of years. But following the end of that project, Eleanor has returned to her solo routes with her self-titled EP, released earlier this year.

Her self-titled EP is a lovely compilation of pleasant songs that are intertwined with pretty melodies, and her deep and haunting vocals add depth to her songs. Eleanor brings a strong natural element to her record, with her deep and rustic vocals, that are sometimes darkly haunting adding a certain level of roughness to her songs. The record’s melodies are pretty but simple, as her vocals become centre-stage. Eleanor’s music is more about her vocals, rather than the musical instruments that support it.

The natural element of her vocals and songwriting, blends well to her honest lyrics such as in “Rough Side Of Town”, which helps create an intimate feel to her songs. Having vocals be the soul instrument, it makes the listener feel more connected with her storytelling and lyrics. Understandably “Disguise” has been chosen as her single, with its upbeat piano melody and catchy drum beat. It’s lively, yet her haunting vocals still bring a natural reality to the song.

It’s a pleasant record, however it struggles to stand out amongst other singer songwriters out there. Her vocals are pleasant and lovely, and the melodies are pretty, but they failed to really pull me in like that of other female singer songwriters such as Sarah Blasko, Julia Stone or Gossling.

Review Score: 6.5 out of 10.


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