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Live Review: Busby Marou – The Corner Hotel (08.08.14)

10-Busby Marou

Rockhampton duo Busby Marou, made up of Thomas Busby and Jeremy Marou, brought their campfire blues and roots to the Corner Hotel on Friday night. On stage with them, they had their reliable band supporting them while they harmonised and played their sweet bluesy melodies on their acoustic guitars.

I walked in just before they walked onto stage, and noticed that there was a large crowd waiting patiently for the duo. As they launched into their beautiful set, they were showered in gorgeous soft red and purple lighting, which continued throughout their show. Their show this evening was like no other, as it honestly felt like we were all sitting around a campfire, with them singing to us and telling us campfire stories through their lyrics and the antidotes behind their songs.

It was evident this evening that the crowd were long time fans, being so far from home and playing essentially bluesy country music it honestly took me by surprise, however the crowd wrapped the duo with large amounts of love and the room became one big sing-a-long. Their single “Biding My Time” was delivered with honesty and highlighted the catchy melodies in the song, and the crowd rejoiced when they launched into it.

Halfway through the set, Thomas and Jeremy unplugged their guitars and indulged themselves in an unplugged bluegrass jam on stage, much to the delight of the crowd. If people weren’t experiencing the campfire feels, they were now. It was lovely to see the lads sing as they would when in their natural environment. We could imagine exactly how their creations come to be over the campfire with a few beers, just jamming as mates. It was a joy to witness and something I hope they continue to do at each show as it shows us they are the real authentic deal.

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