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Live Review: Megan Washington – Corner Hotel (19.8.14)


The beautiful and talented Megan Washington sang a beautiful set previewing new songs from her upcoming album There There, due out in September. It was emotional, uplifting and an all-round honest performance by the lady who wears her heart on her sleeve.

There are those artists that sing from their heart and give emotional, honest performances and then there is Megan Washington. Experiencing a performance is like riding the waves of her emotional heartbreak story, and she does it by allowing us all into her world through not only painfully honest lyrics, but by sharing the stories behind her songs.

Megan Washington began the evening by launching into her single “Limitless” from earlier this year, a smart energetic way to open her show. The heartening upbeat energy was short lived however, as she dived into her more intense heartbreak songs including “Skyline” and “Marry Me” from her upcoming album. “Begin Again” though was the most heartbreaking song of the set, which Megan shares with the audience, is a song about her trying to get back with her fiance. The song was hauntingly beautiful and the full to capacity room was hypnotised by her stunning performance.

The ‘cant let go of a lost love’ theme continued with a stripped back cover of Future Island’s “Seasons (Waiting on You)” which the audience impressively picked within the first few notes and the crowd sung along and danced. Once she finished, she announced she was finished with the ‘sad shit’ and launched into a more positive, hopeful second half the set which included “Rich Kids”, “Who Are You” and finished the set with another new song “My Heart Is A Wheel”.

She rewarded the crowd with two encores featuring three older songs. The first was crowd favourite “Underground” which the crowd mostly sung, while Megan focused on playing the only guitar song she self-declares to only play live. She followed this with a song from Insomnia before closing the set with “How To Tame Lions”.

While the lyrics and storytelling, are certainly a highlight of Megan Washington’s talent, her talent as a vocalist cannot be ignored. Her ability to control her vocals while singing across a strong wide range is impressive. She also has the ability to sing delicately while also soaring her vocals across the room as she reaches the more heartbreaking moments of her lyrics.

Tonight’s performance has shown that Megan Washington has grown as a singer/songwriter and also as a person, and it reflects in her songs and her performance. If tonight’s performance is any indication, her upcoming album There There, is going to be a collection of even more hauntingly honest songs and while they may be heartbreaking, there is something incredibly beautiful about the songs that people will connect with in a positive way.


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