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bigsoundBIGSOUND LIVE is happening next week in Brisbane, and if you have checked out the program, it is likely you have your heads in your hands feeling overwhelmed. To prevent you from taking the next step of pulling out your hair as you try to narrow down your choices, we have done our best to highlight some of those bands you may not want to miss out on.


 The Phoncurves


This duo from Brisbane have supported the likes of Josh Pyke, Thelma Plum, Patrick James, ASTA and the Paper Kites and earlier this year their new single “Heartstrings” released earlier this year off their second EP. They will be playing the Alhambra Lounge, Thursday 8:00-8:30pm 


Flyying Coloursflyyingcolours

This Melbourne-based shoegaze group have been making waves in the Melbourne music scene over the last 18 months and it’s about time they play at an event such as BIGSOUND. They will be playing at The Underdog, Thursday 10:30-11:00pm


Thelma Plum


Thelma Plum is an incredibly talented young singer-songwriter from Brisbane and has previously won Triple J’s a National Indigenous Music Award. She recently released her second EP Monsters, which has received great amounts of love. Be sure to check out her sweet folky tunes. She will be playing The Elephant Hotel, Wednesday 10:50-11:20pm.


The Bennies


Punk is not dead and that’s because The Bennies are making sure of it. Led by the charismatic Anty, their live shows are super fun and energetic. They have supported the likes of Kingswood in recent times, and are quickly rising in popularity as a result of their fun punky tracks. They are closing the event at The Globe Theatre on Thursday evening, at 11:20-11:50pm. 




Then there is Kingswood. If there is one show at the event that is for sure to reach capacity, it’s Kingswood. These guys have gained a serious following in a very short amount of time, based on their genuine rock and roll tunes and vibes. They will be closing the first evening at the JBL Live Stage at 11:20-11:50pm.


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