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Album Review: Interpol – El Pintor (2014 LP)


When Interpol recently released their new single “All The Rage Home”, all of us long-term dedicated fans started getting extremely excited about the band’s return to their original sound. Sure enough, their new album El Pintor is a collection of new songs that has the doom and gloom essence, served up with super slick attitude that features prominently on their earlier records.

The first single off the album “All The Rage Back Home” opens the album with a punch, demonstrating the band’s confidence and return to their punchy post-punk sound. Paul Bank’s long-winded gloomy vocals in “My Desire” is reminiscent of Bank’s vocal style on the band’s debut record Turn On The Bright Lights. This adds to Interpol’s apparent return to their doom and gloom atmosphere in their songs. This is no more obvious that in “Same Town New” with Bank’s fretting about feeling ‘like the whole world is coming down on me’. While the album may be gloomy and moody in nature however, don’t mistake this to mean it’s depressing. Because it’s not.

“Ancient Ways” is probably the most punkiest number on the record. It’s super fast and the impressive number of layers are intricately composed to create an impressive wall of sound that would be challenging but certainly impressive to watch live. It’s an impeccably clean record, and because of this the album feels relatively short. There is much more where these songs came from and I found myself wanting more.

Interpol have gone back to their super sleek sound, with no room for error. In its entirety, this record is pacey and its confident. Interpol will unlikely create another album as strong as their debut Turn On The Bright Lights, but this record will have to do as the next best thing. It’s got the guts, the gloom and the intricate layers of their earlier records and it’s about time they return to their original sound that brought them so much success. That isn’t to say they ever lost form, but this record is Interpol going back their roots and doing what they do best.

Review Score: 8.7 out of 10


3 thoughts on “Album Review: Interpol – El Pintor (2014 LP)

  1. Interpol – a band who will almost always produce stuff that sounds remarkably unversatile, but to a degree where the songs are so incredibly good it doesn’t matter. Looking forward to checking this LP out.

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