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Live Review: Courtney Barnett + D.D Dumbo – The Corner Hotel (04.10.14)

Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett @ The Corner Hotel

Courtney Barnett sold out four shows over the weekend in Melbourne and if we said we were surprised we would be lying. This talented songwriter has been stealing hearts especially over the last twelve months and not just here in Australia. Earlier this year she stole hearts in the U.S when she played a killer and career-making performance on Jimmy Fallon, and since then she has been doing quite well for herself to say the least.

But I need to be honest with you all upfront. I went to see Courtney Barnett on Saturday night, not because I was a fan but because there had been so much hype over the last six months and I needed to see and hear for myself, because well, I just wasn’t quite getting it. But before I launch into my review of Barnett, there was another special guest who also deserves a mention. And that’s Barnett’s support D.D Dumbo. D.D Dumbo is a unique solo musician who produces enough punch and volume that you’d expect from a band. His ability to create his songs on the spot by looping, guitar melodies, vocals, drums, even including a recorder and pipe flute, is something to be envious of. He’s talented and has an incredible knack to mix beats together creating robust catchy songs. And the large crowd loved every minute of it.

Getting back to the main act of the evening Courtney Barnett, she launched into an impressive energetic and super fun set for her most devoted fans. Saturday night’s show was the first to sell out and she was sure to make sure she expressed her appreciation for it. She was joined on stage by three other band members who found a great balance of having presence on stage while not taking the attention away from Barnett. But in reality that was never going to be a concern, with the way she owned the stage, moving around the entirety of the stage, while jamming along to her songs, and flinging her hair everywhere. The stage was set with the bare essentials and the lighting was basic, demonstrating Barnett’s raw and natural persona. She’s clearly all about her art and is comfortable in her quirky self and musical ability. She’s a simple girl with no need for frills and I think that’s what many fans find so appealing. I certainly appreciate that she was on stage purely for the music and clearly displayed a love of performing for others. Walking out of the venue, Courtney Barnett had turned this skeptic into a big fan of her work.

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