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Live Review: Kingswood – The Kustom Kommune, Melbourne 12.10.14)

Kingswood @ JBL Outside


In the last twelve months, the Kingswood boys have brought old-skool rock & roll back into modern fashion. They have not only demonstrated that they can play good hard rock & roll, but they have also displayed a fun rock & roll attitude while up on stage and off stage. It should then be no surprise that these boys also share a passion for motorbikes, and how else to combine the two than by putting on an intimate performance in a motorbike workshop on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Harley Davidson’s ‘The Shed’ hosted an exclusive performance by Kingswood at the local bikie hangout and workshop The Kustom Kommune in Collingwood on Sunday afternoon for members and some special guests. Guests were treated to beer supplied by NSW brewer Murray’s and delicious tacos, as well as tunes by Kingswood.

First of all, let it be known that the Kustom Kommune is a seriously cool place. The front section of the workshop has been turned into a bar and general hang out area, and has a polished wooden interior. It has a modern sleek look but has plenty of bikie attitude to go with it. A Ducati and Harley Davidson are just casually sitting inside for all to admire, while the simple wooden bar was lined with an array of bikie helmets. The walls were lined with bike and music posters that kept lonely me occupied while I sat on the large comfy brown leather couches, sipping my beer and waiting for the gig to start.

The smoke machines started hissing, the lights dimmed and we all got up and made our way into the workshop garage space where the stage was setup at the front and the Kingswood boys launched into their hour long set. They played an array songs from their new album ‘Microscopic Wars’ as well as a couple from their earlier EP’s. Being known for their First Aid Kit covers, they also made sure to keep this up by throwing in “My Silver Lining” in there as well. They finished their set with a cover ofBruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” which only seemed fitting.

The boys looked laid back on the stage and played with ease. It was great to seem them play in a more relaxed environment but while doing so, they didn’t disappoint with skill nor did Alex shorten his famous guitar solo. There was something special and poetic about watching this kind of performance with the occasional whiff of engine oil and machinery lining the garage walls.


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