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Midnight Juggernaughts release new song “Freefalling”

midnight juggernauts

Midnight Juggernauts celebrate their 10 year anniversary this year and they are celebrating with an EP release for charity. Recently seperated across different countries and different projects, they banded back together to record a series of adventurous EPs. The first called Aerials, reflects the world fro a vertical perspective above and below, explored in the music as well as an accompanying video clip and live show production.
Motivated to eschew the traditional album release structure in favour of something more meaningful, they made the Aerials EP available immediately, in return for a donation to the Aboriginal Benefits Founation specifically for Healthcare. Almost 1 third of Aboriginal people are dead before the age of 45. The band’s personal interest stems from strong cultural relationships fostered between family members and various outback indigenous communities over the decades.
 “Freefalling is the first single from the EP, and it’s video is an ode to Google Earth. As cartographic enthusiasts they’ve spent vast amounts of hours excessively exploring its virtual environments. Last year its crowd sourced 3D modelling project, which allowed the public to recreate the world’s buildings in 3D form, had come to a close. Millions of these CG SketchUp models are now being replaced by auto-generated 3D mesh buildings through photogrammetry technologies.
To farewell these creations, the band wished for a final song and dance through some of their favourite sites across the virtual globe, including Sydney Opera House, The Great Wall Of China, Taj Mahal, The Hollywood Sign & The Great Sphinx. A technological last rites before the new dawn.


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