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Live Review: Kimbra – The Hifi, Melbourne (22.11.14)


Kimbra finished her last leg of her ‘The Golden Echo’ tour in Melbourne over the weekend however she showed no signs of fatigue as she bedazzled the audience with her extraordinary voice and elaborate costumes.

Being the lover of music that I am, it’s often difficult to keep up with all the new music being released and finding time to listen to it all. Kimbra has unfortunately been one of those artists I have neglected and not given the attention she very well deserves. It’s nothing personal, it’s not that she is any less deserving of my ears than any other, I just lack enough hours in the day to keep up with all the great musicians making their mark in the world. I however, was not going to miss the chance to check her out when she landed in Melbourne over the weekend.

To say I was blown away during the first song is nothing short of an understatement. She bounced onto stage with loads of energy and wowed the crowd with her magnificent long gold coat fit for a queen. And a queen she is. Although she entertains and performs like a world-class popstar, she does it with grace and authenticity. She’s flamboyant and unrestrained yet unpretentious and tasteful. She graced the audience with a long set that made both old and new fans happy, performing songs across her two albums.

It’s impossible to confine Kimbra to a particular musical genre. While most of her songs are embedded with classical jazz undertones, she also effortlessly weaves influences of r&b, modern electropop and soul into her music. Not many artists can truly get away with mashing so many genres into one song, let alone a whole catalogue but this demonstrates her versatility as an artist. Kimbra’s band joined her onstage and with their support gave the audience the opportunity to understand the complexity behind her songs. There is certainly noway she could perform her songs as in on the album without the support by the band and in particular the backing vocals that gives her music multitude of intricate layers. But if she were to sing acapella and the whole room would be mesmerised by her tenacious yet gleaming vocals.

Kimbra is a rare talent who radiates authenticity and endless creative flare. Tonight she put on a flawless performance that demanded respect and cemented why she has quickly stolen the hearts of so many around the world in recent years. She is a timeless talent that will continue to grow into a beautiful butterfly as she creates more and more stunning music.


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