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Cloud Control lose one member

cloud control

Earlier this week, Cloud Control toured nationally with the Falls Music and Arts Festival. We caught them during the Lorne leg of the festival, where they played a fantastic energetic infront of a large crowd that had come out to see them play despite the cold winds and rainshowers. They drew a large crowd at 2014’s Laneway Festival however the crowd they found themselves playing for at Falls was much larger which demonstrates their increasing fanbase.

It was during this set, that Cloud Control announced they were losing their bass guitarist Jeremy, who has decided to leave to be with his family. It is a devastating blow to the group who first formed back in 2007. Since then, they have gone strength to strength building a large loyal Australian followers. They won the Australia Music Prize back in 2011 worth $30,000 and have released two albums, the most recent being Dreamcave which is their most successful album yet not to mention extensively travelling the world over the last two years, spreading their lovely music around the globe for everyone to hear.

Jeremy has been a crucial member of the group and will surely be missed by his band members and loyal fans alike.


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