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Sidewave Review: Incubus + Antemasque + Le Butcherettes – The Forum, Melbourne (25.02.15)

26.02.15 Incubus + Antemasque-20

One of the mostly anticipated Soundwave sideshows this year has been one of America’s most loved rock bands, Incubus. Having blessed the world with music for over twenty years, it was no doubt going to be an incredible nostalgic performance but before they jumped onto stage, punters were spoilt to two fantastic support acts who warmed up the stage.

Mexico’s Le Butcherettes were first to take to the stage, bringing their punk energy to The Forum. Lead singer Terry Bender had a spring in her step as she bounced around stage, in addition to channeling some Bjork like moves. As their set came to a close, Terry jumped into the crowd and danced her way around the ground level of the forum.

Next to take the stage was Antemasque, the side project of Mars Volta‘s Omar Rodriguez-Lopezand Cedric Bixler-Zavala, who put on a suburb performance that deserved their own headlining show. To see both of these talented guys on stage was almost unbelievable, as my Mars Volta fan girl uncontrollably squealed inside with excitement. Omar’s skills on the guitar were evident from the get go and Cedric owned the stage with his soothing and versatile vocals that had the crowd in complete awe. This new project has allowed Omar and Cedric to incorporate a subtle punk sound to Mars Volta’s intricate progressive melodies.

As the two minute countdown started on the big screen, the crowd began to scream with joy. The anticipation grew as it reached 10 seconds, and then sure enough the boys of Incubus took to the stage in a relaxed manner. They quietly settled into their places before launching into one of their best, “Wish You Were Here”, which had the forum erupt with excitement. The whole room sang along to the words and instantly we all knew we were in for something very special. They followed up with “Anna Molly” and “Adolescents”.

Despite being around for over twenty years, Incubus showed no sign of slowing down. Despite their age, the guys had impressive levels of energy throughout the whole show. Lead singer Brandon Boydin particular demonstrated he still lived to perform by dancing and singing with such expression and power. And it also should be mentioned he hasn’t lost his sex appeal either, showing off his well-defined six pack throughout the whole performance. The massive stage set up was a clear indication of how established this band is, with so much equipment that has clearly been accumulated over the years. The set list was extensive, covering songs over Incubus’s career including “Pardon Me” and “The Warmth” from their third album Make yourself. They also played “Nice to Meet You” off their fourth album Morning View, but to my great disappointment, they did not play “I Miss You”.

They finished their main set with “Megalomaniac” before coming back for a two-song encore, finishing with “The Warmth” and “A Crow Left of the Murder”. Despite having extremely high expectations for the show, I was completely blown away and left the show on a high. My 16 year old self went nuts throughout the show, and it was an absolute joy to see these guys perform. I am so glad to see, twenty years on, they still thoroughly enjoy what they do.


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