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Album Review: Keaton Henson – Behaving (2015 LP)


On the heels of his illustrated book of poems, Idiot Verse, Keaton Henson has released Behaving; an experimental electronic LP, instrumentally pacifying with a lyrical dialogue of self-deprecation and defeat.

Part of Keaton Henson’s appeal is that he does whatever the heck he fancies artistically and, in doing so, showcases a broad spectrum of his diverse talent. According to XLR8R, Behaving was “mostly recorded in the dark, with many lyrics and vocals improvised in one take”.

The opening track, ‘Shower’, sets the tone with haunting soundscapes and heavily distorted, often indistinguishable vocals. The song tapers off with Keaton softly pleading “Please don’t let me die yet”.

‘Confessional’ is a favourite, with almost twice as many listens on Soundcloud than any other song from the record at time of review. With his distinctive, fragile vocals, Henson begins; “We fucked till we’d had enough / You made phone calls and I threw up / And I made a mess of waking up / Tripped on bed sheets and you made a fuss”.

‘Behaving’ may not be to everyone’s desire, particularly, if you’re one of those cheery types or yearning for something in the vein of his previous works. That aside, it is a seamless, intimate and beautiful collection of songs, a record well worth many a play.

Score: 8.5 out of 10

Written by Laura Cheshire


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