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Live Review: APES + Destrends + Dark Fair – Workers Club, Melbourne (05.12.15)



Only weeks after supporting The Darkness on their national tour, APES were headlining a tour of their own, playing a winning show on Saturday the 5th of December at Melbourne’s Worker’s Club.

Dark Fair had the tough task of playing as the doors were opening. The two-piece charged on with a strong collection of catchy, angsty alt-pop songs.

Destrends followed, with frontman, Matt Savage, theatrically entering on to the stage on all fours wearing a cape, and all three members of the band sporting glittery war paint. I applaud their visual consistency! With a sound in a similar vein to The Horrors, they brought a mighty good dose of energy to the room.

APES confidently performed like seasoned musicians. Busily writing throughout the past few months, the band debuted four new tracks; ‘Filter’, ‘The Fourth Point’, ‘Feels Good’ and a beauty called ‘Beached’ which features lead vocals from guitarist, James Toohey.

The fans relished every opportunity to jump onto some shoulders or crowd surf. Quick reflexes were needed to safely manoeuvre around the flying arms and legs (particularly, Matt Savage’s large, glossy boots) during ‘Helluva Time’ and ‘Seven’. Their latest release, ‘Dimension’, briefly slowed the tempo of the set with Vocalist / Guitarist, Ben Dowd, describing it as the sexiest song he’s ever written.

What were APES thoughts on the night though? And, importantly, was there any goss?? Upon asking them, Dowd said he “felt it went really well”, adding, “The response for our new stuff has been received pretty well so that’s a load off our shoulders going through the transitional period in our writing. And two members from The Hives came to the show! We couldn’t believe it! One of the bands we’ve idolised since APES formed! Kinda glad I didn’t know until after we played. Might have been a little nervous.”

The Dimension Tour continues on the 19th of December at The Loft in Warrnambool and the 24th of December at Karova Lounge in Ballarat.

Written by Laura Cheshire


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