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Live Review: Father John Misty + Cameron Avery – Forum Theatre, Melbourne (09.12.15)


On December 9th, Father John Misty took to the stage for the first of two Melbourne pre-Meredith-Festival shows beneath the starry ceiling of The Forum Theatre.

Cameron Avery, known for his input with The Growl, Tame Impala and Pond, performed as a solo artist, interlacing his multi-instrumental talents with pleasant folk-bluesy vocals.

Father John Misty, a.k.a. Josh Tillman, commenced with his sophomore album title track ‘I Love You, Honeybear’. Dressed to the nines, with an equally dapper and hairy retro-suited band, he light-footedly sauntered across the stage, pausing every now and then to cock his hip and do a flamboyant hand gesture or two.

He’s got a knack for delivering each satirical line as if it were for the very first time. Such well-refined believability was helped by his impressive modulated vocal range and impromptu interactions with the audience who he held in the palm of his hands; laughing and cheering on cue to create an astounding atmosphere during ‘Bored In The USA’.

In the midst of eloquent banter and soulful crooning, Tillman showcased wild bursts of rock ‘n’ roll – falling to his knees, writhing on his back as the stage lighting frantically flashed.

After thanking the crowd for attentively listening to, as he called it, his “folk folly”, Tillman returned for an encore, to answer a pallet of fan questions and, in true Father John Misty form, address the cynical aspects of the encore format.

Written by Laura Cheshire


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