Festival Essentials Guide: Falls Music & Arts Festival


You may be running around into the late hours tonight looking for a last minute present for your Gran or you might be doing some last minute wrapping but guys….Falls Festival is only 5 sleeps away.

That’s right, only 5 sleeps away. have you even thought about what you will need to squish in that small 3 door hatchback of yours?

Well thankfully, we are here to give you  list that will cover all the essential basics for an incredible camping musical adventure, and allow to to continue making the final preparations for Christmas in peace. Here are come things you may have forgotten….


A Watch – Guys, bring a watch. You cannot reply on yours phones. not only in the reception dodgy both at Marion bay and Lorne, but when it is working, thousands of people are using the limited available bandwidth so to save yourself from being stranded and lost, do yourself a favour bring a watch and meet up with your mates the good ol’fashioned way.

foam flooring

Foam Flooring and/or bedding – Your back will no doubt start killing your after your second or third day of sleeping on your housemate’s thin Yoga mat so how about make a small investment in some Jigsaw Floor Matts from Bunnings. They are really cheap and they will brighten up your cramped living space.


Sunhat – The forecast at Lorne is for sunny and above 25 degrees each day so make sure you pack a hat. If you don’t have a flattering hat, take the time to search for one. The last thing you won’t is to be nursing terrible sunburn on Day 2. For most of the day, the crowds will be small enough you won’t bother anyone if you keep your hat compact and small. By the time the crowds get bigger, the sun will be setting and you can leave it back at camp when you go back to put on warmer clothes.


Warm Clothes – Don’t be fooled. At Marion Bay and Lorne in particular, once the sun goes down, the chill factor might have you jumping out of your skin. Let’s hope note, but if last year was anything to go by, make sure you pack a thick jacket and beanie. And maybe extra bedding just incase.beach towel

Beach Towel – Particularly  for Lorne and Marion Bay, each of these locations are either walking or a small bus trip away from the beach. So if starting each day with an ocean splash, make sure you don’t forget to pack a beach towel and your bathers.

solar powered charger

Portable Solar-powered Charger – To keep your phone alive, you have two options. Either turn your car engine on and gas everyone in your vicinity, or the other option which might keep in your neighbour-friendly option is to take with you a solar-powered charger.

festival bubbles

Bubbles – These inexpensive bottles of pure joy will keep the crowd entertained inbetween sets. Who doesn’t love bubbles?


Duct TapeLastly, bring along some duct tape to fix up any camp equipment mishaps. Better to be safe than sorry. Particularly if the weather turns.

There you go. Above are some essential things that we believe will make your music festival experience one to remember. Do you have any other must-brings that are on your list?

And for the love of god remember your Toilet Paper and Cleansing Wipes.

Written by Kimberley Salmond










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