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Photos: Falls Music Festival ‘Boogie Nights’- Mt Duneed Estate (28.12.15)

15.12.28 Fleetmac Wood

With the Falls Music and Arts Festival in serious doubt within 48 hours of the scheduled start time due to an out of control Bushfire in the Otway National Park that had destroyed over 100 homes, the organisers miraculously found a new venue and dedicated themselves to ensure the show went on.

With an overwhelming amount of passion and drive to find a new venue, the organisers asked the friendly owners of the Mt Duneed Estate which is home to Day On The Green, if they could use their site. Fortunately the organisers had their lucky stars aligned and within hours of the agreement, trucks started turning up and building began.

Within 27 hours, the site was built and the final touches were being made around the site once attendees started to rocking up only three hours after the initial start time.

While the building continued into the night, rushing to get the main stage ready, the food trucks were ready, the tents were all up, and the Village was built. Honestly a huge shout out to all the organisers who managed to get the site ready for all the punters and the evening lineup.

And did I mention, the organisers also sold an extra 1200 special one-day New Year Eve tickets that raised $120,000 for the victims of the bushfire.

Kudos to Fall Festival, well well done. Fleetmac Wood and Art vs Science were up on stage for the first night ‘Boogie Nights’ to get the festivities under way.

Photos by Kim Salmond.



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