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Single Review: DZ Deathrays – ‘Blood On My Leather’ (2016)


The good-time thrash lords of Australia, DZ Deathrays are back to punching you in the face and belting catchy melodies with their new single ‘Blood On My Leather’.

It’s safe to say that DZ Deathrays fans will be painfully awaiting the follow up to the duo’s immensely popular ‘Black Rat’, while the taste of this fresh blood lingers in their mouth. ‘Blood On My Leather’ is huge, loud and scary due to equal parts pounding drums and howling guitars, with just a touch of rap-like vocals from frontman clip.

The duo have just been announced for the annual Groovin’ the Moo touring festival later this year and will be sure to blow the speakers out.

You can view their new video clip for ‘Blood On My Leather’ here.

Written by Ryan Durrington



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