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Live Review: San Cisco + Last Dinosaurs, Melbourne Zoo (26.02.16)

Last Dinosaurs2

Last Dinosaurs

The 10th concert for this year’s ‘Zoo Twilights’ series got underway at dusk on Friday February 26th at The Royal Melbourne Zoo with musical guests Last Dinosaurs and San Cisco. The grassy area near the entrance was transformed into a quaint patchwork of picnics surrounding a stage, and was lined with stalls and fairground lights. Those who have grasped the virtue of punctuality could also enjoy animal exhibits and presentations prior to the performances.

I, who struggles with the concept of time, arrived as Last Dinosaurs were sailing through their set. The distinctly chirpy indie sounds of theirs went hand-in-hand with the Summer evening. I got the impression the band were keen for us to dance – most notably, when bassist Michael Sloane mentioned so. I admit, it wouldn’t be preferable to have to compete with an array of dips and cheeses for the audience’s attention. Nevertheless, groups of patrons, indeed, began to rise and cavort within the dimensions of their blankets as if there were a number of sporadic miniature discos.

During the interval, a short documentary played on the screen adjoining the stage, depicting the Zoo’s fight to help the near extinct Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

When San Cisco appeared, a subtle stampede towards the stage kickstarted the energy. The fans had the hearts in their mouths set on hearing ‘Reckless’, a B-side from the Awkward EP released many moons ago. After various requests, Jordi could do no more than say “Guys, we’re really sorry, we’re not going to play Reckless, sorry… we haven’t played that for years!”. They did play a collection of other equally mesmeric songs though (*sigh* such a fan). ‘Super Slow’ was a visual highlight, with Scarlett joining Jordi front-of-stage and the two both sashaying around in the coolest of fashion.

I’m already making a mental list of dips and cheeses to go in the picnic basket for next year’s event.

Written by Laura Cheshire




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