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Live Review: Hoodlem + Nico Ghost – Howler, Melbourne (16.04.16)

Hoodlem Press Shot.CredAnneMoffat

Last Saturday, Hoodlem and Nico Ghost co-headlined at Brunswick’s multifaceted art hub Howler. As a novice fan of the R&B / electronic genres, I ventured into the venue, ignorantly, expecting it not to be my cup of tea.
First on the all-Australian bill was neo-soul artist Alice Ivy who radiated on stage with nostalgic electronic tracks. Jumping around in front of glimmering disco balls and surprising the crowd with live guitar, her love for creating music was evident and contagious.

Nico Ghost confidently got us all swaying to his smoky, cool rap with some help from the fellas in GXNXVS, at one point, delivering his lines whilst reclining in an incredibly comfy-looking chair.

Playing their last Australian show before heading overseas, Hoodlem captivated the room with mellifluous vocals that submerged into mellow R&B beats. It was beautiful to watch the duo, adorned in black and white, emit every word and sound with such organic emotion and movement.

With R&B producers, GXNXVS, rounding up the night, I was pleasantly surprised by the extent I enjoyed the performances. If you’re an electronic / rap enthusiast or just looking to expand your musical horizons, keep a lookout for these blossoming artists.

Written by Laura Cheshire




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