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GTM Sideshow Review: Ms Mr + Grrl Pal – Prince Bandroom, Melbourne (29.04.16)

Ms Mr

On Friday the 29th of April, MS MR played at Melbourne’s Prince Bandroom, and if you arrived early enough, you could wine and dine yourself whilst peering into the room’s window as they ran through sound check (a bit of a perk).

The opening act, GRRL PAL, mirrored all the visual appeal of 1989’s ‘Ring My Bell’ singer and Home and Away alumni ‘Collette’. They were a denim-clad joy to behold as they exchanged awfully sweet banter. Describing their sound as “Synth-Pop Bedroom Beats”, Producer Danny K animatedly alternated between a drum kit and drum pads as Jay Le Kat danced along with her youthful energy and angelic Grimes-like vocals.

MS MR took to the stage with a few extra musicians and a black PVC catsuit courtesy of singer Lizzy Plapinger. Plapinger has the knack of delivering the often frangible lyrics of self-doubt and heartache with rich empowerment. Their sound is catchy anthemic pop and often referred to as being in a similar vein to that of Florence and the Machine, although, I’d say they’re a little less fiery. Props to Max for his never-wavering dancing which, on occasion, synchronised with Lizzy’s. I’m not one to speak on anyone’s behalf except I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the entire spectrum of The Prince Bandroom had a right good time. The question on the tip of everyone’s tongue, I imagine, is “How did it feel?”. It felt exciting.

Written by Laura Cheshire




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