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GTM Photos: Groovin The Moo, Bendigo (30.04.16)


Groovin The Moo rolled into Bendigo on Saturday and the big rain clouds did not keep people away. The festival started off with a couple of torrential pours before the sun came out and lit up the festival for the rest of the day. Olympia was first off the bill and was fantastic. She was followed by the likes of Tiny Little Houses, Dylan Joel, Harts, Nagaire and Boo Seeka. Emma Louise performed a gorgeous set as the sun started to peek through the clouds and British India played a loud and energetic set under the Moulin Rouge. Favourites Ms Mr, Twenty One Pilots, The Rubens, Boy & Bear and Alison Wonderland put in solid performnces towards the end of the night, with each act stepping it up in regards to special effects. Twenty One Pilots had confetti while Illy had big impressive smoke machines. Ratatat finished off the evening in style with everyone dancing underneath the Moulin Rouge tent. Check out our gallery below.

Photos: Kimberley Salmond




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