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Album Review: Emma Louise – ‘Supercry’ (2016)


“Love hung heavy on chairs and canvas” are the first words solemnly delivered on the echo-y minimalistic ‘All We Ask Is Time’, the intro track for Emma Louise’s second album ‘Supercry’. Following on is arguably one of the heavier songs, ‘Talk Baby Talk’, due to its dark synths and a piano melody worthy of a place in a sci-fi television series.

‘Underflow’ and ‘West End Kids’ are standouts, both encompassing contemporary rhythms and vivid lyrics. The latter was penned after a walk through West End in Brisbane – a suburb where she’d once lived with an ex and, since, avoided for a year. Mourners of lost love are bound to be left in a lachrymose stupor by the time she reaches “We had it all, it all, it all / Too much, too much of everything / We had it all, it all, it all…”.

‘Everything Will Be Fine’ with its low, modified backing vocals and the uplifting ‘Illuminate’ are another two gems on the album before it begins to steadily wind down and arrive at a somewhat sleepy end with ‘I Thought I Was A Ship’.

‘Supercry’ is an ambient anthology of sadness and reflection yet with a defiant glow of strength and optimism. Emma Louise’s distinct whispery vocals give a sense of intimacy as if she were reading the words straight from her poetically written private journal. A nostalgic, artistic and impressive collection of songs.


Written by Laura Cheshire


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