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Live Review: Rat & Co + Oisima – Howler, Melbourne (16.09.2016)


Brunswick’s Howler was the perfect setting for Rat & Co’s A.I. tour last Friday. Giant cubes descended from the ceiling and a faint artistic air meandered across the assorted leafage and craft beer.

The Electronic Pop five-piece, Tetrahedra, opened. From the veiled position I held by the wall, I enjoyed observing the seemingly uncontrollable movements of keyboardist, Max Dowling, as if the music were physically travelling through him. Their ‘Glorious’ launch takes place on the 8th of October at Hugs & Kisses Club.

Oisima followed on, premiering new material which included a sound he’d discovered during his flight to Melbourne. As he requested for the lights to be turned down, the room’s atmosphere sauntered into a relaxed club vibe. I, a novice of electronic music, believe it’s best to quote the apt and poetically written description of his music (from Soundcloud) for he, indeed, encapsulated a “finely tuned blend of contemporary soul” with his “delicate dancing melodies and exotic imaginings”.

Ambient Electronic outfit, Rat & Co concluded the show with their great wall of sound and a backbone of hip hop beats. They created a richer, dreamier accent in a live setting, with singer Josh Delaney softly ooh-ing and ahh-ing here and there. I was advised by a fan to close my eyes and “just feel” yet I was much too transfixed on the beautiful geometric visual projections behind the band’s silhouettes. If you’re fond of the likes of ambient electronica or simply wish to “just feel”, the band will be a part of the brilliant line-up performing at Kennedy’s Creek Music Festival this October.

Written by Laura Cheshire


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