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Live Review: Gabriella Cohen + Lalic +Chelsea Bleach – Curtain Bandroom, Melbourne (24.09.2016)

gabriela cohen

I was sitting at the charming rickety-looking bar in The Curtin waiting for my +1 for the night’s Gabriella Cohen performance, when he informed me the only shoes he owned en route from India were a pair of sandals. Thankfully, after a worried enquiry regarding appropriate footwear to the bar staff, I was informed they were fellow sandal enthusiasts and weren’t ones to discriminate against shoes.
Chelsea Bleach could have easily been plucked straight from a 90s American high school movie. They had a cool-as-a-cucumber punk-rock DIY sentiment.

Jarrow were fun to watch, impressively well-versed and were also my sandal-clad +1’s favourite act of the night.

Lalić are a Melburnian psych-rock band who stated on their Facebook page that the theme for the night’s performance was ‘The genesis of humankind’. I genuinely think they may have explored such a topic as frontman, Mladen Milinkovic, mentioned something about the moon and space which I’m certain would’ve all make perfectly good sense if I’d not had a beer.

At some stage, I stumbled across a chirpy Gabriella Cohen in the Ladies who asked my opinion on her lipstick. It was on point. I mildly wished it weren’t so I could have acted as some sort of lipstick guru.
She performed with an understated confidence, her low bluesy-rock vocals really hitting an internal chord during ‘I Don’t Feel So Alive’. From my peaceful position near the wings, the crowd fluorescently beamed from an unexpected hand out of glow sticks. I also enjoyed when Babyshakes Dillon did a short interlude song about a banana. Cohen’s next Australian performance will be at The Foundry in Brisbane on November 17.

Written by Laura Cheshire


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