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Falls Festival Lorne – Day 2


Day 2 was the day I was looking forward to most, and it was going to involve a busy schedule of back to back bands. In total, I shot 13 bands.

I started the day with Jack River who, (despite my ignorance I discovered was not a man with a guitar but instead a band fronted by a woman, my bad indeed) put on an impressive performance early in the piece, followed by Darren Middleton who struggled to attract a decent crowd, however delivered smooth catchy melodies. After Middleton, I headed back down the hill to the Valley Stage to catch Tired Lion and Ball Park Music who both played enjoyable sets.

Back up in the Grand Theatre, Olympia (who I had little knowledge of) blew me away with her strong guitar game and powerful vocals. One of the best parts of music festivals is the opportunity to discover new artists you haven’t had a chance to come across. Olympia is one of my best finds at the festival and I will be sure to be finding her music in the new year.

It was great seeing The Jezebels back in action on the Valley Stage following their hiatus, and it was even more fantastic to see Hannah back on the scene following her need to step away to kick cancers butt. As we waited for The Jezebels to come on stage, the crowd were chanting Hannah’s name which was humbling.

For the rest of the afternoon, Modern Baseball, Bernard Fanning, RemiMatt Corby and London Grammar took to the stage.

In the evening DMA’s took to the stage and the Grand Theatre was packed to the rafters, and sure enough when they finished, it did not end well for many. Fortunately, it was so packed we could not enter after shooting the band, in fact we had to go out via backstage because there was no possibility of us exiting side of stage. While I will say I was concerned for the pushing I had experienced the evening before, as well as the slippery rocky exits, the way in which the situation was dealt with by the festival organisers should be acknowledged. They cancelled KLP and Just A Gent’s performances who were both scheduled to play in the Grand Theatre. By the time we came back the next day, a large side area of the side of the tent had been opened up and the exits had been covered in Hesham to prevent slipping. It was a horrible incident which will be investigated in due course, and something that will be giving the organisers many sleepless night to come and we hope all those injured have a speedy recovery.

See the photos of Day 2 below, also including Violent Soho who (after the DMA incident, put on a quieter performance than usual). Photos by Kimberley Salmond


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